Of all the countries in the world, Mexico currently ranks second worldwide among the most sought after for patients who need medical services such as heart surgery, dentistry, gastro surgery, oncology, reproductive biology, gynecology and gastric bypass Mexico among other specialties. 

This happens because the medical service in this country allows savings of 35 to 85% on treatments and surgical procedures, in addition to a notable reduction in waiting time for this type of procedure. 

With nearly 1.2 million visitors who perform this type of procedure, Mexico is without a doubt the first medical power in Latin America, worrying every day about adapting its services to the needs of those who travel to the country seeking to recover or improve their health. 

Businesses that grow hand in hand with medical tourism

It is worth mentioning that there are many businesses that are developed hand in hand with medical tourism in Mexico, since patients have multiple needs to be covered. 

One of the main benefits is the hotel, since patients need to stay in the country after the procedure, and rest while they attend their control appointments. The increase in patients is so great that in some places the country houses have been adapted for this purpose, and they also include a diet suitable for all types of patients: low in fat and sugar, without spicy foods, in addition to liquid meals and a soft diet. , all to meet the needs of patients!

Artisans have also been favored, since it is undeniable that many people want to take a souvenir of their stay in Mexico, beyond the procedure carried out, and they will always carry some typical crafts from the country. 

And given that more and more specialized clinics and doctors prepared to take on these challenges are required, construction and education in medicine and dentistry are increasingly in demand and, therefore, are two other economic lines that benefit from medical tourism. 

Patients from all over the world in Mexico. 

Obviously, most of the medical tourism business in Mexico comes from the United States, since it is the country with the most expensive health system in the world, and it is estimated that about 20 million people do not have any type of insurance. health, so they should look for other options to improve their health.

Although for these reasons and because of its proximity to the border, most of the patients are North American, patients from Japan, Germany, France and China have also come to request these services, and many of them fall in love with this service, recommending it to other friends and family. 

Currently in the Aztec country several private hospitals are being built with a hotel service within the same building, with rooms, commercial areas with health-related services, in addition to having a gourmet market and restaurants. 

For these reasons and because of the high quality of services, the medical tourism business in Mexico is getting bigger every day, and tends to become a very important line of the economy that the government will surely support, in addition to exercising the necessary control so that patients get excellent service of high standards.