If there is a country where the return on investment is guaranteed, it is Mexico, the second largest economy in Latin America has great potential in many sectors, both in real estate and in businesses of several kinds. Not only that, but it also has a wide range of goods and services that make the Aztec homeland a unique nation in its style, attracting thousands of tourists every year, and today we are going to show you what foreigners are looking for the most in Mexico.

The Real Estate Construction Industry: Investment opportunities everywhere

A profitable economic field for large investors is the construction of real estate, since the price of new construction for residential purposes is on the rise in many countries of the world, and Mexico is no exception, so investment confidence to create homes and others in this country is high.

Quintana Roo is a state in which the real estate sector stands out, because due to its location in the Yucatan peninsula, it has a pleasant climate to spend the holidays, which makes the price of homes stable and that the land is valued, which attracts investment in housing construction, hotels and others.

The architects in Cancun, a city that stands out in this state, are characterized by their efficiency and practicality when designing properties that further enhance the land where the works are developed, in addition, given that this place enjoys a high standard of living by having a very vibrant economy, which makes foreigners seek, in Mexico, an opportunity to profit from the sale of real estate.

Cosmetic surgery: Medical tourism is at its peak

The term “medical tourism” is a neologism that refers to when a certain number of people decide to travel to a certain country to receive a specific medical treatment, an aesthetic operation, a therapy for a disease such as cancer, and even vaccinate against certain diseases, in nations where biologics are available and more affordable.

In the case of Mexico, one of the things foreigners look for the most is precisely medical tourism for aesthetic purposes, because in this country you can get quality procedures at a better price. This is where the state of Baja California Norte comes into play, which enjoys a strategic proximity to the United States, which is why many doctors migrate to the place to practice their work there.

The application of Botox Tijuana is one of the reasons why there is a high flow of health tourists, especially during the time prior to certain stages of the year, such as summer or winter holidays, where many people decide to undergo this type of treatment to look much more pleasant during these periods of time.